Paradise Aura Co. Will Supply The Provider Free of Charge With:


  1. The on-site presence of a fully equipped Aura Portraits Station and a qualified Paradise Aura Co. Photographer/Consultant in keeping with the following schedule: (to be negotiated & specified in finalized contract).


  1. A 4’ X 5’ PARADISE AURA CO.  Poster Board and Easel.    


  1. A COUNTER SET of Colored Announcement Display Posters in a clear plastic 8” X 10” stand-up frames, a brochure rack with a supply of brochures and a business card holder with a supply of business cards. All such items will be displayed in appropriately conspicuous places.


  1. Various window displays, based on site needs and space available.


  1. An Internet listing in the service announcements section of
  2. Continuous mention on talk radio shows, free public announcements and media coverage regarding the phenomena of Auras and Aura Photography.
  3. All support services necessary to service and maintain this agreement.

The Aura Portraits Station Site Provider Agrees to Provide Paradise Aura Co. Free of Charge With:

  1. Continuous Store Hours Display space as specified above and Q&A customer services information and business card handouts to inquiries about Paradise Aura Co. services.


  1. An in-store work space no smaller than 5’ X 7’ (35 sq. ft.) to set up the Aura Portraits Station, needed only for the time the aura station will be on the site.


  1. Access to one 115 V. A/C outlet near the workspace.


  1. Free parking near the site for Videosynergy® Studio II Van while the Aura Portraits Station is at the site.


This agreement shall be in effect for  _______ days from the date signed. It is understood that this is a market test, based on a negotiated Site Provider fee of  _____% (to be specified at the time of signing this contract) OF NET REVENUE AFTER  4% GE TAXES FROM THE PARADISE AURA PORTRAIT STATION ON SITE OPERATIONS. Each party shall negotiate any future agreement based on the experience gained during this test process.


Agreed upon and signed this ________ day of ____________________. 2003


________________________________________, ___________________________

Signature of Site Provider Authorized Representative                                                         Title



____________________________________________________________,  ________________________________________

Signature of Paradise Aura Co. Representative                                                            Title