Paradise Aura Co. will supply the Vendor With:


      A counter display poster in a clear plastic 10 x 8 frame.


      A brochure counter display rack & supply of brochures.


     A business card holder & a supply of business cards.


      A packet with a negotiated number of serial numbered gift certificates, good for one aura portrait each, contained in a 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 inch gift certificates envelope.

The Vendor, ____________________________________________________________, agrees to:

Business name of vendor


      Keep the counter display sets in appropriate, conspicuous places.


      Replenish the brochure display rack as needed.


      Replenish the business card holder as needed.


      Keep the packet of gift certificates in a secured place.


      Sell gift certificates for $25.00 each.


      Make Direct Referrals to PARADISE AURA CO.

@ VIDOSYNERGY STUDIO II For a ________% (to be negotiated and

specified before the signing of this contract) sales made to referents from Vendor.

      When making a Gift Certificate sale, record on the back of the lowest certificate number in the remaining supply sequence, the name of the vendor agent and the vendor code and enter the full date, including the day of the week.


      Explain at the point of sale the 90-day expiration policy and clarify that the gift certificate recipient can extend this by calling 591-9110 prior to the 90 day expiration.


A Paradise Aura Co. representative will stop by periodically to replenish business cards, brochures and the vendors supply of GIFT CERTIFICATES and to collect $20.00 per gift certificate missing from the inventory. The VENDOR is accountable and must pay for any missing gift certificates. The VENDOR will call 591-9110 whenever any service or assistance is required by this agreement.


Signed, effective this date, until cancelled:



By ____________________________________________________ ___________________________

Signature of authorized vendor representative Date



By ____________________________________________________ ___________________________

Signature of authorized Paradise Aura Co. representative Date