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     THE VIDEOSYNERGY® CONSORTIUM combines the job duties of the board’s secretary and treasurer officer/director positions into a single position. This position, designated the Secretary/Treasurer, performs the duties required of both positions. These duties include keeping records of board meetings and keeping records of the nonprofit's financial data. The position is currently a full-time standard 40 hour work-week Volunteer (i.e., non-salaried) position. It is anticipated that the first priority for the person selected by the board to fill this position will be to use their experience, skills, abilities and expertise to seek funding from any and all appropriate funding sources, including direct donations, grants, and fundraising activities to cover the cost of funding this position at a rate commensurate with prevailing local customary employee benefit packages being offered in the community in which the organization is operating.


     The Secretary/Treasurer is an elected Officer of the Board and a member of the board of directors.

     Job duties include making a record of each board meeting and filing or storing each record in an easily accessible place.

1. Record precise Minutes of the Current Board’s Meeting for editing and approval by the board at the next Board Meeting.

2. Send Email FYI PDF copies of the last Board Meeting Minutes out to Board Members within 14 days of the meeting.

3. Send email notices, seeking agreement and confirmation on the announced proposed Date, Time and Place of the next meeting and Suggesting/Soliciting agenda Items to the Members of the Board.

4. Compose the Notice and agenda for the next VSC Board Meeting and solicit any added Agenda Items via email and then compose and email the final Notice and Agenda for the next Board Meeting, attaching a copy of the last Board Meeting Minutes to be approved at this meeting.

5. Read the last Board Meeting Minutes at the next Board Meeting and get the approval of the Board for their final form, noting any amendments.

6. Organize and maintain a file of all Final Agendas and Approved Board Minutes, to include the Signed annual updated conflict of Interest Disclosure and the current Professional Title(s), License#s, Residence & Email addresses, phone numbers and birthdates of all board members.

      Job duties include maintaining the records of all financial activities, developing financial policies and procedures and reporting the organization’s financial status to the board for its review at each meeting to ensure compliance. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be fully informed and responsible for maintaining the necessary VSC Files and Records in keeping with the COMPLIANCE GUIDE FOR 501(C)(3) PUBLIC CHARITIES Published by the IRS for Tax Exempt Government Entities and Exempt Organizations:

1. Acts as the sole signatory to the VSC Bank Account, Maintains and Keep Records of All Account Activities and Monthly Statements.

2. Maintain a Bookkeeping record of all Financial Transactions.

3. The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for setting up and maintaining an Electronics Bookkeeping System (QuickBooks) to properly oversee, manage and control the financial activities of the VSC, maintaining Records of all Income and Expenses, Assets & Liabilities and Generate all necessary Financial Statements and Reports required for operations.

4. The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for FILING:

a. HI STATE GE TAX RETURNS; (2 G-45s Semi Annual Returns Due 7/15 & 1/15 and 1 G-49 Annual Return Reconciliation Due 1/15, with the 2nd G-45.


c. Note: there may also be a HI State Income Tax filing requirement and this should be clarified in a call to Alan Arakaki, CPA @ (808) 591-8480 XT 20. 

d. IRS TAX RETURNS; “MUST file form 990-N Electronic Notice (e-postcard) by the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the Organization’s Annual Accounting Period,” which is (12/31 for THE VSC). So use the easy to remember April 15th deadline to logon to the IRS ePostcard Filing URL:,,id=169250,00.html
User Name: Secretary/Treasurer Login ID: *********** Type: Exempt Org Name: VIDEOSYNERGYR CONSORTIUM Password: ******.

     In addition to attending and participating in board meetings, the Secretary/Treasurer performs various duties outside meetings, keeping computer file records made from meeting notes in an organized, easily accessible location. The Secretary also creates, organizes and updates hard copy and computer file records storing the organizations legal documents, such as its articles of incorporation, bylaws, contracts and agreements. The Treasurer duties include creating each year's budget projection along with the organizations President and maintaining all documentation of the operations bookkeeping and accounting activities, using the QuickBooks computer accounting program for all financial income transactions, including contracts, grants, charitable gifts and donations made to the organization and expenditures incurred from operations. The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of all license and certificate documents and fees associated with doing business in the community, and updating these as required by law. The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of and filing all City, County, State and Federal Excise and Income Tax payments as required by law.

     The duties of a nonprofit board's Secretary/Treasurer are outlined in the organizations bylaws, because the Secretary/Treasurer is an officer and director of the organization, this person's job duties are listed under the "officers" and "directors" sections in the bylaws. Thus the Secretary/Treasurer, who is also a director and a member of the board, needs to be aware of the job requirements in both the "officers" and "directors" sections of the bylaws.

     The Secretary/Treasurer of the organization has legal duties in both roles. This person is responsible for reviewing and signing the minutes at the end of each board meeting, thereby attesting to their accuracy. The Secretary/Treasurer is also responsible for keeping accurate financial records, should the nonprofit face an audit of its charitable work from the Internal Revenue Service or the State. This position may be filled by a person operating out of their own home office, provided it is located in the city of Honolulu.

     To apply for this Position, one must be bondable and willing to sign and comply with a Drug Free Workplace Policy. The applicant must have the education, skills and experience necessary to perform their duties in an efficient and effective manner. They must possess excellent language, writing, communications and computer operator skills, including experience using Quick Books accounting software. They must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Business or Accounting and basic accounting skills are essential. They must have substantial work experience as a Secretary/Treasurer for a non-profit charitable organization in the state of Hawaii whose duties included business plan writing, grant writing, fund raising, donations solicitation, bookkeeping and payroll & tax accounting. They must understand and appreciate the legal significance of their position as well as its importance to the smooth overall operations of the organization.

     If an applicant is appointed to this position they will be required to complete a six-month Probationary Period during which the appointee’s ability to perform the duties of this position will be assessed. The appointee will also be required to be bonded at their expense and pay a prepaid fee of $630.00 (with no refund for an unfinished course) and complete a VIDEOSYNERGY® “The Test of The Ten Course” consisting of 1 VIDEOSYNERGY® Video Feedback Psychotherapy Session per week for ten weeks. The frequency of the sessions can be 2 per week, if the applicant wishes to abbreviate the length of the course. The fee may be covered by a reimbursement, if the applicant satisfactorily completes the Course and the six-month Probationary Period, becoming permanently appointed to the position.

     If you wish to apply after thoroughly reading this job description, please browse this entire website and go to the "Contact Us" page and browse all 5 websites listed there. Then, if you are still interested, please submit your résumé via e-mail to For further information you may call us anytime at (808) 591-9110.



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