THE VIDEOSYNERGY® CONSORTIUM Was Formed As A 501(c)(3) IRS Tax Exempt Hawaii Charitable Organization On 02/05/2009 To:

1)  Identify populations at risk by collecting survey data and researching unmet community mental health service needs;
VIDEO FEEDBACK PSYCHOTHERAPY (“VVFP”) sessions to improve the social functioning of persons identified in #1 above;
3)  Provide fee payments based on a sliding fee scale for indigent persons requesting VVFP sessions;
4)  Train
VIDEOSYNERGISTS to conduct VVFP sessions;
5)  Complete demonstration/outcome research validating the efficacy of VVFP sessions provided to needy individuals, couples and groups;
6)  Consult with and assist individual and organizational community mental health service providers in seeking grants to start-up and operate residential and outpatient treatment programs using VVFP as the primary BEHAVIORAL HEALTH treatment method;
7)  Publish
THE VIDEOSYNERGY® CONSORTIUM NEWSLETTER updating the professional mental health community and the public with information about current programs and projects.

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