We browsed YouTube.com to see how many videos they have on the subject of HOMELESS VETERANS and found 39 pages of listings, averaging 20 listings per page = 760 videos on the subject.. Google had 60 pages of listings for a total of 597 separate entries. We chose the following 29 items to provide a wide ranging sample of what’s out there in THE HOMELESS WARRIORS – BATTLES ON TWO FRONTS: 1) VETS VS HOMELESSNESS (THE VA) AND 2) VETS VS PTSD A PERSONAL AND INTERNAL BATTLE TO REGAIN A SELF-REGULATING LEVEL OF SOCIAL FUNCTIONING BY ADMITTING THE NEED FOR AND SEEKING APPROPRIATE TREATMENT TO COPE WITH PTSD rather than self-medicating with street drugs and other self-defeating denial and escape the consequences mechanisms for avoiding accountability & responsibility for one’s quality of life and state of one’s Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health.


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