Through the application of a variety of programmed interview formats using cybernetic, heuristic, programming concepts and techniques with respondents participating in video feedback sessions to achieve self-actualization and continuing self-unfoldment - constantly striving for higher levels of self-realization, self-integration and self-transcendence in an on-going enlightening experience of an inner transformational dialogue with one's ever-expanding consciousness, re-programming it into that of the divine individual persona, comes the discovery that we are ALL embryonic Gods! This methodology reaches beyond the purviews of religion, politics and sociology and the mental health sciences of psychiatry and psychology that use the medical model of diagnosis/treatment/prognosis by immersing the respondent and VIDEOSYNERGIST in the living world of the respondent's idiosyncratic exploration of their own consciousness factor itself, revealing the significance of the buried symbolic contents of their sub-conscious and unconscious concepts regarding paranormal, supernatural, spiritual, mystical, metaphysical archetypal structures that reveal the unique individuality of their own inner truth and cosmic reality. The respondent's participation in this dynamic cathartic interview process exerts a powerful purging, healing, uplifting, therapeutic effect upon their disintegrated and fragmented consciousness, achieved through the release of powerful upward spiraling energies of the soul, in a dialectic integration of buried random memories of actions and reactions to the impacts of life's experiences in this as well as previous lives reflected upon the current screen of the total human social functioning matrix of one's conscious being and world as it is experienced and expressed in the ever present, ever living here and now!
     VIDEOSYNERGY® is an heuristic therapeutic communications method utilizing an individual's own negative frustrating life experiences and perceptions to reach a subjective/objective synthesis of personal, idiosyncratic, present time mental, emotional and physical functional awareness. This is achieved through a programmed application of a PROTOPYPE session process using a state-of-the-art VIDEO FEEDBACK SYSTEM and plug-in INTERVIEW PROTOCOLS. This approach shifts the function of the interviewer from that of a therapist to that of an operator/practitioner/consultant, called a "VIDEOSYNERGIST." There is no emphasis on analyzing, treating, counseling, advising, changing, modifying or controlling the client. The sanctity of the individual is recognized and respected. The videosynergist acts as a guide and assistant through the VIDEOSYNERGY® session process while the client does the work of exploring the reality of their world.
     A VIDEOSYNERGIST is a highly trained, skilled technician who instructs, assists and guides a person through the LIFE MATRIX INTERVIEW (LMI), or one of four other well-defined VIDEOSYNERGY® SESSION MODELS. These hour-long session PROTOCOLS are differentiated by their time orientation. They are: the Mirroring Interview (MI), Present Time; the Slice Of Life Interview (SOLI), a Segment from the last 24 hours; the Critical Incident Interview (CII); and the Future Event Projection Interview (FEPI).
     The VIDEOSYNERGY® method, PROTOTYPE PROCESS and SESSION PROTOCOLS define the boundaries within which a person searches for meaning to their struggle through frustrating and often chaotic life experiences - formulating questions and seeking answers in terms unique to their own negative, energy blocking reaction formations, confronting and dissolving such blockages. Frustration is challenged, thereby releasing bound-up energy to be rechanneled into creative action.
     After completing a VIDEOSYNERGY® session, a client feels a compelling need to DO something about what had been learned, or discovered. Following a period of psychic gestation, creative action is soon forthcoming. In summary, this method is a means of self-actualization, consciousness expansion and self-transformation that results in improved social functioning based on the client's own subjective/objective perception of a more integrated state of self-awareness -- the boundaries of which can only be determined by the individual who participates in using the method.
     The VIDEOSYNERGY® method is flexible and adaptable. There are programmed models for one-hour COUPLES sessions using the MI, SOLI, CII and FEPI formats with minor variations in the instructions and timing frameworks from those used in individual sessions. A programmed model has been developed for conducting VIDEOSYNERGY® sessions with FAMILIES and small GROUPS of up to 10 members. The method has been used to program model TUTORIAL applications for teaching a number of academic subjects, including VIDEOSYNERGY® TRAINING.


Ken Austin, 2003